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When was the last time your repainted your property? Does one side of your house look fabulous and the rest looks worn, with random fading and peeling? Did you paint one room inside recently because you noticed the wall behind old furniture that you have removed was dirty? Or have you painted over those little black spots of mold on the bathroom ceiling only to have them return months later?

Integrity Painting is the leading painting contractor to undertake every painting job you may have, inside or outside. The paint is the most visible aspect of your property. A fresh coat of paint not only beautifies your structure but also increases its overall value. It’s also one of the cheapest way of improving the appearance of your home or business property. Integrity Painting is a professional painting company in Spring TX, offering first class service for 20 years. We serve both the city and its 50 miles surrounding area, including the Woodlands, TX. We have a broad list of satisfied customers and are more than happy to provide you with their references. Each painter we employ is proficient, experienced, knowledgeable and takes pride in the detailed labor intensive work of preparing and painting. Read more about us or contact us right away:

Phone: (281) 250-4761
Address: 83 E Greywing Cir Spring, TX 77382

Give us a call at (281) 250-4761 to speak with a professional painter in Spring TX, about your needs, budget and schedule. Let us offer you our exceptional faux painting that makes your interior unique and inimitable. We will assist you with color choices that will compliment your home’s exterior architecture and your interior design. We have the broadest list of colors and faux painting samples. Achieve unique and astonishing interior with our faux painting service. Whether you wish stone, wooden or different floristic patterns, our faux painting specialist will make that extra effort to thoroughly satisfy you.

Lots of preparations are involved, to ensure a successful exterior painting project. As a professional painting contractor, we will inspect your exterior and wash, scrape or sand as needed. We also apply primer for good paint adhesion and to eliminate present mildew or rust. Our painters are careful, courteous and neat when it comes to not vitiating your lawn, and we will thoroughly prepare your property for the exterior painting job.

In few words: excellent company, outstanding service, astonishing result. You may use us as a reference anytime

by Brian and Patricia Poole

In few words: excellent company, outstanding service, astonishing result. You may use us as a reference anytime
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Over the years, your interior walls accumulate dust, dirt, stains, scratches etc. If you feel uncomfortable to invite your visitors in, or if you are ashamed when the customers come to your business property, better find a painting company to refresh your old faded paint. Just ask Integrity Painting! We can also give tips and tricks with you that come from years of professional painting experience. We will also advise you on which type of paint to youse for bathroom ceiling or which finishes to use in other areas of your home for durability and ease of cleaning. The consultations we provide are free, and you will only be charged for the time our painters really spent working. At our painting company, customer needs always come first. We strive on creating long term relationships with our clients.

You don’t have to worry about your belongings because we will make sure everything in your property is properly covered and safe. Your light switches and door knobs will not have swipes of paint on them, and you won’t find drips of paint in the bathtub or on your floors, as well. Again, as a reliable painting contractor, we will use the same care and courtesy with your property, whether working inside or outside your property. We will wrap everything to protect your home from paint stains. Integrity Painting will add complete beauty inside and out of your property in Spring TX. Call us now at (281) 250-4761 and we will make sure we deliver the best painting result you imagined.

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